Kevin's Fantastic Website

Hello to all visitors to my website. This is the great and fantastic website of the important and handsome elf Kevin! On this website, you can discover about my favourite things, and also read about me!!!

All About Me

I am Kevin, one of Santa's most important elves. I am on a very important assignment right now. I was chosen by Santa to do it. That is why I am not at the North Pole this year, making toys like last year. Some elves have been spreading that I was sent away because I was not very good at making toys, but that is not true. Jason is just lying like always, he is just jealous because I had a special meeting with Santa to discuss my future and got sent on this important undercover assignment.

My Stories

I am an author of a great many novels and stories. I have not finished very many yet, but I have planned out my epic 7 part fantasy saga.